Hello! I'm Jason. When I'm not being beaten by my family at board games, I hang out in a shed at the bottom of my Gloucestershire garden and make things with code. You might also find me making a fool of myself at my local church either on the stage, with teenagers, or with something technical.

This is my personal site where I occasionally write about things I'm making or thoughts on life and technology. I built it with Zola and it will automatically change from a light to dark theme based on you browser / OS light / dark settings.

Professionally for the last few years I've been building things in the live TV space at MAVIS using Swift (on more than just Apple platforms!), Svelte and Typescript.

In the past I've also built backends using things like GraphQL, Golang, Node.js, AWS and Docker. Once upon a time I even built Android applications. Have a look at LinkedIn for more of that sort of thing.

If you'd like to send me a message, then please email me using my first name @ my website address.