App Defaults

I read Manuel Moreale's post on "app defaults" and thought it was an interesting idea to think about the software I choose to use so here's mine:

One of the surprising things about going through this list is the software I don't choose to use.

WhatsApp for example - I've used WhatsApp since it was $0.99 a year and not owned by Facebook, I like the model of paying for something so I was the customer rather than the product being sold to advertisers. Unfortunately it's hard to choose not to use WhatsApp anymore as there's too much expectation and organisation done on WhatsApp. People expect you to be there.

Then there's the bloated crashy mess that is Xcode, which you have to use for iOS development...

There’s still more Google in this list than I’d like. I've been looking at hosting my own PhotoPrism to replace Google Photos but have never quite got round to it, and I worry I wouldn't keep it up to date with security updates if I did.

I've not yet thought how to replace Google Sheets - I make use of Google Forms going into Google Sheets quite a lot, particularly for budgeting and keeping track of spending, so I don't think LibreOffice would quite work for me.

Once you've been given something for free and it's got its tentacles into the way you work / live / operate, it's very hard to change.

I'll think I'll try and find some other "app defaults" blog posts and see what changes I can make for the better.