Balena Raspberry Pi Scroll pHAT Harvest Weekly Time Tracked Display

Raspberry Pi Zero with a ScrollpHAT display showing that I've tracked 35.2 hours or work this week

At Ocasta (where I work) we have great flexible working - we do 35 hour weeks, we must be working during 'core hours' (Monday-Thursday 9:30am-12pm, 2pm-4pm and Friday just 9:30am-12pm) but the rest of the time we can work when we want.

We use Harvest to track our time against different projects. I'm normally aiming to be done fairly close to 12pm on a Friday to get that 2.5 day weekend!

A few years ago I'd bought a ScrollpHAT without really having a plan on what to do and I thought one day that it would be useful to be able to glance at the amount of hours I'd done so far this week to see if it was time to stop for the day yet. So one evening a couple of years ago I put together this little project and have had it sat on my desk ever since.

Like the weather board I have also used the Docker based Balena Cloud to deploy and manage it.

You can see the code and setup instructions on Github.