D6:8 Challenge Night February 1st 2013

We’ve just had our team games night at one of our youth groups d6:8, organised by the wonderful Lydia! Here are the games we did:

Birthday Order

This is a good ice breaker / starting game. You get everyone to line themselves up in order of when their birthdays are, so January at one end and December at the other, but you do it in silence, no one is allowed to talk.

Paper Fish

Teams line up on either side of the room with a small newspaper (or several pages of a newspaper). Firstly they have to cut out a fish from one sheet of newspaper (points for the best fish) and then once everyone has a fish ready, the teams line up on one side of the room and they have to get the fish to the other side of the room by fanning it with the rest of the newspaper. You’re not allowed to touch the fish or you have to start again. The quicker the team, the more points they get!

Ground Stick

Find a long stick, like a piece of bamboo or a broom handle, the team gets around the stick and they each put one finger out, then the leader places the stick across their fingers and shouts “go” and the team has to get the stick to the floor with everyone always touching the stick. It sounds easy but it really really isn’t… Points for the quickest team!

Magic Carpet

Find a big piece of cloth, like a table cloth, and put it on the floor. All the team members then stand on the cloth and have to turn it over without touching the floor. Points for the quickest team. Really simple, but entertaining game!

River Crossing

Find a long piece of string and an item of your choice (we used books, but bricks or buckets would also work). Imagine a river running down the middle of the room. Different team members can start on either side of the river and using the string, they have to get the item (e.g. book) across the river without it touching the river, and without them going in the river. All the string has to start on one side of the river. And they can’t just throw the item either.

Marshmallow Tower

Give each team a tray, a bag of marshmallows, some cocktail sticks and five minutes. They have to build the tallest tower on the tray, and then after the five minutes are up two team members have to carry the tray with the tower on it across the room. Tallest tower still standing gets the most points, you can also award points for creativity and whatever else you like!

Handy Circle

The team stands in a circle/huddle and each person has to hold hands with two other people, but not the person next to them. They then have to untangle themselves completely without letting go.