Fairy Boy: An Actionscript 3 Game

Fairy Boy is a game I made a few months ago, all beautifully object orientated and disgustingly Flash…

It's a fairly simple side scrolling game. You play a super hero who's special power is washing up, the aim of the game is to squirt all of the washing up flying towards you with your magical fairy liquid, without crashing in to it. You'll need to pick up more fairy liquid as you go on so you don't run out.

The game includes a few cut scenes, so takes a few seconds to load on slower connections. I should have made a loading screen but I didn't. It's a bit of an odd concept for a game but at the time I was living with some less than tidy people (you know who you are). All of the graphics were drawn by me, some people have said the main character looks like a turtle. Drawing was never my strong point.

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