I'm Finally Amazon Free - Hello Kobo

In the last couple of years I've been trying to reduce my usage of Amazon given how much they do things like hide their profits offshore to avoid tax, and in particular their poor record of being a decent employer. This is very apparent around here as the drivers are so incentivised to be as quick as possible that they don't even bother to ring the door bell or knock on the door, they just dump packages somewhere near the front of the house, I've even heard of packages being thrown at houses from the curb.

With the various Echos removed earlier in the year, the last thing remaining was my Kindle.

In 2016 I received a Kindle Voyage as a gift from my employer, and I regularly buy Kindle books to read on it. Looking at my Amazon purchase history over the last couple of years it's almost entirely Kindle books. But last week my Kobo Libra Colour was handed to me by a DHL driver. No more Amazon!

The Kindle Voyage itself is still working fine even though it's not received updates in several years. It seems a shame to replace a working piece of technology, but at least I have a spare device that others in my house can borrow without taking away my primary reading method.