How To Cast Your Android Screen To Mac

I've been doing Android demo meetings for a while by pointing a webcam at a phone and hoping the automatic exposure doesn't go wild half way through, always slightly envious of the iOS simulator that actually almost works, and the wide support for casting or airplay-ing an iPhone screen to your laptop / projector screen (which can then of course be shared very easily via Skype).

Ever since the "cast screen" settings appeared in Android 4.4 Kitkat I've thought that it must be possible to send your screen to a mac, but apparently that only works with a Chromecast, which of course my Mac is not, and nor can it pretend to be.

Well, this evening I have discovered the solution to my problem:

You'll run into a problem if your phone isn't Lollipop (or a rooted KitKat), but if that's the case, maybe buy yourself a nice cheap Moto E for presentations, or get your boss to.

Update 25th August 2015: There's also another way to this, over USB so it's more reliable. Download the Vysor app in Chrome, and connect your device.