Samsung Bada MapViewer Demo Error

You may have come across this message when trying to run the Samsung Bada MapViewer demo app code:

errorMsg(the provided clientName/clientPassword failed to authenticate)

After some digging (and reading the README file...) I realised this was partially caused by not changing the clientName and clientPassword parts of the PROVIDER_EXTRA_INFO string in the MapForm.cpp file. Apparently I needed to go to an external site and register an account, this account then needed to be manually authorised, after that I would be emailed another username and password. Not exactly a straight forward process! You can register by visiting this part of the deCarta website.

Once this process was finished I thought that would be it, but nope, still the same error. My next point of attack was the "DigitalGlobeKey=abc123" part of the string. This key is for satellite imagery support. This post on the deCarta forums seems to imply that it does not work yet, so after removing that key value pair from the PROVIDER_EXTRA_INFO string leaving it at "ClientName=yourid;ClientPassword= yourpw;HostUrl=http://ws.decarta.com/openls/openls", the app half worked but with the error message only appearing when tryng to view any satellite imagery.

If anyone finds out a fix, tweet at me @fry15 and let me know. Thanks!