Spotify Fatigue

I've become a bit fatigued at having to actually choose what music to listen to as I work recently. I've also been getting bored of the same ten or so Spotify playlists I often have on loop.

If only there were professionals who could do this for me... wait... of course, they're called DJs and they do it for free on the radio.

Rediscovering Radio

Music in the car growing up was either various Pink Floyd CDs in my Dad's 6 CD changer or BBC Radio 1 which had a lot of chit-chat. I find chit-chat distracting whilst working.

But since I swapped out my Amazon Echo's for some HiFis with Pis running Moode (highly recommended by the way!) I've been discovering decent radio stations from around the world, that are primarily music.

Now I'll typically put on Jazz24, Codesouth, something from FluxFM, or my town's local radio station (which has a fantastically catchy advert for the sandwich shop down the road). I've made it really easy to switch station with a page on my Stream Deck so now if a station goes in a direction I'm not keen on, I can just switch with the push of a physical button. Just like the old days.