This is what I've been working on over summer (instead of finishing the 4od plugin). TravelBloggers is basically a mobile video blogging for the backpacking community. The whole point of it is to tap into the knowledge of fellow travellers to help find the good and bad places to go to. As well as be able to keep in contact with friends and family, and track your journey.

For example, you could arrive in a new city and not know where to stay, so you whip out your phone with the TravelBloggers app, and a quick search will bring you back videos that other 'TravelBloggers' have made about accommodation, and you will hopefully find somewhere nice to stay.

We (I) are currently developing the application on the Android platform, and have entered into the Android Developers Challenge. Once we've got the application and website up to a finalised state development work will begin on other platforms, including iPhone, Java Mobile (previously J2ME), Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

So yeah, that's what I've been getting up to, not any secret government / terrorist links that so many people seem to think. Check out the website! travelbloggers.tv.