2012 Gaggia Classic with single and double unpressurised portafilter baskets

January 2017

Bought secondhand from a man in coffee forum.

New group head seal, new boiler seal, OPV adjusted to 10 bar and a Rancilio Silvia steam wand fitted.

April 2017

New pump

August 2017

Shower plate holder diffuser and shower screen removed and cleaned.

Boiler removed and cleaned.

New steam thermostat fitted (runs at higher temperature)

July 2019

OPV and Solenoid replaced

May 2020

Strip down, clean and descale

June 2020

Bottomless portafilter

December 2020

Strip down, clean and descale

New parts from MeBean2Cup:

SKU: GAGGSAE-1-1706 Genuine Gaggia Filter Holder Gasket (old one had gone hard)

Gaggia Manual O-ring 112 in EPDM 70°SH (faucet gasket) SKU: GAGGSAE-1-1333 (old one was slightly deformed)

Gaggia Manual O-ring 167 in EPDM 70°SH (boiler gasket) SKU: GAGGSAE-1-1334 (old one hard a patch of scale on)

SKU: GAGGSAE-1-1441 Gaggia Portafilter Handle End Plug/Cap (never had one)

April 2021

Group head dismantle and clean

July 2022

Gasket on top of steam wand, in-between brass pipe and steam wand. It was completely gone.

October 2023

Remove gasket added in July, not needed.

Deep clean, steam tap needs replacing, leaking from tap

Feburary 2024

Strip down and clean. Needs new:

Feburary 2024 (later)